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Probiotics Preparation Technology System

Probiotics Preparation Technology System We care strains are isolated from wild environment, healthy human body , naturally fermented vegetable , yogurt , cheese and other traditional foods. They are preserved by using patented technologies after their safety and characterization recognized Probiotics Preparation Technology System Series of probiotics strain preparation technology, including different granulation technology special […]
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Enzyme Development

Enzyme Development & Manufacture process Nutrazym develop and manufacture specialty enzymes from small to large scale quantities for a variety of industries, such as food, flavor & fragrance, life science, pharma and fine chemicals. We are the only company offering a rapid, low-cost specialty enzyme service from discovery phase through to global shipment of regulatory […]
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Technology Transfer And Scale-up Nutrazym has extensive expertise with technology transfers and scale-up from lab to industrial scale, at contract manufacturing sites and into our own facilities, including analytical methods for process monitoring, ensuring your constant control over the production process. After successful scale-up commercial production can start and can be further optimized during ramp-up […]
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Process Development

Strain Development Each enzyme has specific demands on its microbial production host.We have a toolbox of several production organisms, which are suitable and accepted for commercial production and industrial use. Specifically, we have well established strains of Bacillus, Pichia and E. coli suitable for large-scale production. In addition, we have a rich choice of proprietary […]
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