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NUTRAZYM is a global biotechnology company producing specialty enzymes at commercial scales for a variety of industries, such as food, feed, & fragrance, life science, pharma, and fine chemicals. We offer both off-the-shelf enzyme products and a customized enzyme discovery, development, and manufacturing service. Learn, in more detail, what we have to offer and how we can help you achieve great things.

Do you have this kind of problem?

Fake labeling

Product labeling 100000 enzyme activity, the actual enzyme activity, 60000, caused by hydrolysis does not reach the designated position, indirectly increase the cost of using enzymes

Unstable Quality

Lack of protection technology of enzyme, enzyme activity is not stable, caused the product quality fluctuation

Unsatisfying Effect

Pertinence is not strong, the structure of the different materials is different, lead to a single monomer enzyme digestion effect, low yield, bitter taste, taste bad.

Long Delivery

With no experience in enzyme and enzyme distribution technology, tests repeatedly, has led to an increased research and development costs, indirect extend the production cycle.

Poor Service

Due to the particularity of enzyme preparation, how to use, after use, should be timely answer, but many enterprises can't timely solutions to customers.

Fake labeling

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Building trust

With unparalleled product safety, quality, and traceability, NUTRAZYM is your trusted pathway to new opportunities and growth your industry

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