Customized Enzyme Development

Customized Enzyme Development

we understand that each customer requirement is different in terms of products, performance, and services. The most crucial factors include the ability to understand and translate customer requirements into product features and Nutrazym has successfully been able to exemplify this.

We recognize that the enzyme designed for feed ingredients used by a specific customer/country would not work efficiently on the feed composition/quality of another customer/country. Nutrazym not only pioneers in tapping/identifying this essential requirement of the feed industry but also specializes in customizing multi-enzymes as per the specific feed formulation.

Experience matters when you are blending enzyme and probiotic mixes. Thorough ingredient knowledge is essential to create Nutraceutical Blends. By emphasizing on every detail in the process, right from procuring of raw materials, processing finished goods to QC testing, we take utmost care to make your products as per your specifications.

Nutrazym pays exacting attention to accurate weighing and uniform blending so your product will meet its label claims, every time. Whether your formula contains enzymes, probiotics, or prebiotics, you can be sure it will be manufactured exactly to meet your product formulation and specification.

We have the expertise and capability not only to formulate your custom blends, but to produce small or large volumes. Our dedicated lab staff values every customer and offers personalized service and fast turnaround.


Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus licheniformis

Bacillus Stabtilis

Enterococcus Faecalis

Dry Active Yeast

Yeast Cell Wall