Food Processing Enzymes

Food Enzyme Application

The taste and texture of many foods we consume daily are often improved by enzyme technology. Our application of enzymes in the food industry are used in all aspects of foods, from dairy products, seasonings, alcoholic beverages to bread products. Amano enzymes can also be used to improve the quality of tea in many ways. Such as enhancing the flavor/aroma and boosting the yield of tea extract, along with reducing bitterness for tea beverages.

With our commitment as the world’s number one enzyme production company, Amano Enzyme will enhance the joy and satisfaction of eating and contribute greatly to the development of meal culture worldwide


Pectinase enzyme for fruit juice

Food fungal amylase Zymatech for bread proofing and crumb structure

Baking xylanase enzyme Zymatech for dough handling

Food grade Alpha-Acetolactate Decarboxylase for diacetyl reduction

Food grade protease enzyme-papain

Food grade thermostable alpha-amylase enzyme