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Food Processing Enzymes

Food Enzyme Application The taste and texture of many foods we consume daily are often improved by enzyme technology. Our application of enzymes in the food industry are used in all aspects of foods, from dairy products, seasonings, alcoholic beverages to bread products. Amano enzymes can also be used to improve the quality of tea in […]
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Animal Feed Enzymes

Animal Feed Enzymes ZYMATECH specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of unique enzyme feed additives that improve animal nutrition and growth and may act as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. Our products have set the standard for consistent premium quality and performance around the world. However, much of the energy remains unavailable […]
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Industrial Enzyme Applications

Industrial Enzyme Applications Enzymes are used in the food, agricultural, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for chiral synthesis to control and speed up reactions to obtain a valuable final product quickly and accurately. Enzymes are also increasingly being used in the production of biofuels and biopolymers. The enzymes can be harvested from microbial […]
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Customized Enzyme Development

Customized Enzyme Development we understand that each customer requirement is different in terms of products, performance, and services. The most crucial factors include the ability to understand and translate customer requirements into product features and Nutrazym has successfully been able to exemplify this. We recognize that the enzyme designed for feed ingredients used by a […]
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Probiotics We can supply a wide range of probiotics as per your formulation requirement’s. also check out our lactic acid producing, shelf stable probiotic bacteria NUTRAZYM animal probiotics contribute to the well-being and balance of animal and plant health while ensuring the inputs into the human food supply meet consumer demand for safe and high-quality […]
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